Snowbird Accidents

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Every winter, millions of Canadian and Northern USA Residents (commonly referred to as “Snowbirds“) migrate south to escape the harsh cold weather. Unfortunately while travelling to their favourite southern destinations, Snowbirds sometimes get into very serious motor vehicle accidents.

Cross Border Confidence Member
Cross Border Confidence Member
Any accident at anytime can be devastating. It can be overwhelming in an unfamiliar state or province. has over 35 years of experience in these types of incidents. They match accident victims with some of the best Personal Injury Attorneys and Lawyers who understand this very complex and complicated area of Insurance Law.  

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Did you know:

  • Approximately 4 million northern residents flock south every winter to avoid the harsh cold weather.  
  • Florida absorbs an estimated one million seasonal Snowbirds who stay a month or more every winter, raising the state’s population by 5%.
  • More Canadians flock to Florida then any other southern destination.  
  • Florida is the ONLY mainland State that reliably does not freeze in January.

Unfortunately Florida also has quite a few challenges for Snowbirds who drive their car within the great state:

  • Florida has the most uninsured drivers than any other state in the Union.
  • According to figures from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, more accidents occur during Florida’s winter months than any other time of the year. This directly correlates with Snowbird migration, i.e. December 26th to March 31.
  • Florida experiences the highest number of accidents in December and January
  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration notes I-95 and I-75 in Florida are two of the most dangerous highways in the United States.